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2008-08-13 00:23:10 by Desyre

WOW... #1 on the top scoring list! THANKS... and it's only a demo. It's near complete perhaps one more session in FL and the final product will be released! :D


2008-07-30 00:30:44 by Desyre

Sorry to those who may be looking forward to Star Crossed Full Version... it's just that I have practically zero time! Perhaps I will finish it before August.. lol

Just to clear up some questions...

2008-06-26 23:54:25 by Desyre

The boyfriend of which I referred to in the demo... is envy.
So maybe you'll enjoy the demo if you're an envy fan!

Also, the full version will not be coming out for a few weeks or so because of scheduling conflicts between Envy's and my schedules. Sorry! :(

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