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2008-12-06 20:58:55 by Desyre


There's a new song in progress :) Another collab with my dearest Envy ^^

Can't tell you when it will be finished because I have no idea :)


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2008-12-07 06:50:05



2008-12-07 10:26:42

Then you better hurry ;P

Desyre responds:

Lol... it's hard to persuade envy to make music with me :(


2008-12-14 09:04:41

Use your boobs. Foolproof.

I'm looking forward to yer new song :]


2008-12-14 10:11:34

Lololol as foolproof as you'd think that would be. That makes music less likely to happen


2008-12-14 15:02:15

so you are going to create something again :)
please make it a little faster then you did with star crossed or post some updates of your progress
back then i checked every day (any many times more then 1 time a day) and olmost smashed my computer in pieces because it took too long without any updates

but well... i need to take care off my own productions nowadays as well since i started as well (altrhough i still have a long way to go since i only know the basics)
and because i know i can get sometimes impatiant i will only check once a week if you have something


(Updated ) Desyre responds:

It's going to be even longer because I'm having power issues. I live in stupid New Hampshire :( So, I apologize now for it taking too long.


2008-12-17 17:51:13

You never respond to MY comments! STUPID new hampshire!?!? hmph!

Desyre responds:

...stupidface :D Love you! <3


2008-12-18 12:58:34

lol :P
envy feels ignored

well... at least thanks for the warning...
good luck! make it worth waiting for!
and cya after a few months


Desyre responds:

lol kk I'll do my best ^^


2008-12-19 10:55:27

you didn't even finish a song

Desyre responds:

You're point?


2008-12-19 10:56:11

you uys are going to break up so fast.

(Updated ) Desyre responds:

Hmm... good spelling! I'm quite impressed by your english skills. >:)


2008-12-19 13:06:36

Hm, we've been together for a year and a half.

How does that work? That's SO fast, youre right.



2008-12-20 10:20:29

Well I loved your last song, and I eagerly anticipate your new song(s) in the future =D. Good luck and I'll be checking back eagerly over the next few months to see if the new song is up.


2008-12-20 14:44:33

envy you are so clueless even a 12 year old knows more than you! and that 12 year old is me.

Desyre responds:

And again... grammar and punctuation! But, you're only 12, so what do you know? o.O


2008-12-20 14:45:36

don't ban me plz

Desyre responds:

Then shut your mouth, please.


2008-12-21 10:31:02

Great ;D I can't wait to hear it =D

Desyre responds:

Good to hear from someone who ISN'T bent on trying to break Envy and I up :)


2008-12-23 15:51:15

sorry desyre :(

Desyre responds:

Lol, it's fine. I'm just used to getting these kinds of comments and so is Envy, so we're used to backing ourselves up :)


2008-12-23 15:52:17

that wuz only a joke i know some jokes aren't taken lightly.


2008-12-23 17:40:58



2008-12-27 03:15:45

i was right
that was your 1 and only song...


2008-12-29 23:24:25

:) .