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mmm college

2008-10-14 22:43:14 by Desyre

so... there won't be any updates here for a whlie because I am at college... and do not have any music programs (sorry, not going to download either... too high of a risk to me). So... perhaps during my break I'll make another song... or demo :/


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2008-10-15 21:10:14

"too high of a risk to me"
lol wut?
do you mean it might be so amazing it might distract you from college related stuff?Or hazardous to you health?

Desyre responds:

lol... as in I don't want to go to jail for illegally downloading HAHA... but sure... yeah distraction is another possibility :D


2008-10-16 08:54:15



Desyre responds:

awww.... I'm sorry buddy :( *hands over a tissue and some ice cream*


2008-10-19 14:24:18

college is for suckers. seriously paying ppl to read books so you maybe get a job in your degree. come on

Desyre responds:

LOL... I'm going to art school o.O soooooooo I draw... and paint and stuffs for homework....


2008-10-20 20:57:38

Come on, talk to me.

Desyre responds:

I did :)


2008-10-30 21:05:22

Massive XD
I have probably 30 GBs worth of illegally downloaded stuff!

Desyre responds:

LOL nice :)


2008-11-01 20:05:18

"Massive XD
I have probably 30 GBs worth of illegally downloaded stuff!"

I have more :P XD

Desyre responds:

LOL... is this going to be a showdown of who has more illegal stuff? haha


2008-11-02 22:38:10

"LOL... is this going to be a showdown of who has more illegal stuff? haha"
Of course! I have exactly 35.4 GB, but my hard drive is full. >:(

Have fun in college, haha

Desyre responds:

wow... thanks? lol


2008-11-23 21:39:35

how bout please finish Star Crossed... its so epic.

Desyre responds:

Lol, maybe. We will see :D


2008-12-02 12:21:55

its yust taking too long
if you wont say that you are doing something soon then i think this will be your 1 and only song...
and that would be a shame... your 1st creation (even if it is with help from a good artist) its very good
you should try more

btw you guys still continue on the song with your vocals?

Desyre responds:

LOL the vocal song.... im too picky :/ it wont happen.


2008-12-05 13:20:53

in other words we will probebly not hear anything from you anymore
well at least i had fun listening star crossed