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Star Crossed

2008-09-16 09:26:51 by Desyre


So here's the deal...

I do not have a final copy of star crossed ON my computer... it's on envy's. He said he wants to put some final touches on the song before I post it.

Unfortunately... he's also busy with his own work (which should make all you envy fans very happy), and hasn't had the time to work on the final final version of star crossed. I have a full version, and if you guys promise not to destroy it (cause it's not done) then I'll post it :)


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2008-09-16 14:37:45

I would never think of destroying it. It's genious!

Desyre responds:

You my friend are very kind :)


2008-09-17 00:38:25

I'd have to agree with cj23976...that song as a demo is awesome, as an unfinished final version it's probably even more awesome. Post it in my opinion. If somebody rags on it it's their loss, your true fans will still love it.

Desyre responds:

um... I love you? lol thank you :)


2008-09-17 03:46:45

just want to hear how much it progressed...
and i dont think its possible that i would ever rate it lower then a 5/5
i would love to hear what you made of it!!!

Desyre responds:

Thank you... well i discussed with envy... and once i convince him to let me post it... then i might :)

UNTIL then... i'll keep nagging him LOL


2008-09-17 07:43:08


Ya know i have the demo as my ringtone lol

Desyre responds:

LOL... number 1 fan? jk... but yeah awesome :)


2008-09-17 17:54:57

I already reviewed the demo and said how much I loved it, so yes, please post the full version as soon as you can! Keep up the fantastic work =D.
If anyone destroys it, it's their problem cause I have full faith that it will give me that bouncy feeling again!

Desyre responds:

Aw... you make me happy :) Thank you :D


2008-09-18 11:17:23

Envy you don't need to be jealous, you know i love you too! now c'mere and give me a man hug!

Desyre responds:

LOL... envy give anyone else a hug? LOLOLOLOL he's not very touchy feely... hehe BUT I LOVE HIM ANYWAY (see envy read that)


2008-09-18 15:41:59

Ok that's it... prepare to be hugged!


wait wait... ok ok.. here we gooo


See now wasn't that lovely Envy? i know you love me, those romantic poems you keep sending me through the night couldn't be lies..

Oh and if Envy has the full one cant he just send you it over msn or email or something? :)

Desyre responds:

no no... you don't understand... the final isn't complete! I have a full version. When he finishes the final version... he'll send it to me ( I assume ) via MSN.


2008-09-18 22:55:41

POST IT NOW!!! lol

Desyre responds:

wow... lol


2008-09-19 00:38:19

Why no worries just because I'm female? :o >.>;; Nevermind...we won't get into that.

Desyre responds:

It helps calm him down... nothing against that sort of thing... I promise :)


2008-09-19 19:43:07

Seriously Envy where my hug man? im sick of standing here with my arms open! they're tired! let my poor arms rest and hug me already! Desyre, tell him! lol

Oh and please get this song finished for your missus! or i'll hug harass you! lol

Desyre responds:

Oh dear... hug harrassment... o.O


2008-09-19 20:40:24

I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(etc.)
post it plzplzplz!!!!!!!!!!!!(etc.)

Desyre responds:

haha... you're the only one who's actually said they promise.. HAHA... thanks man :)


2008-09-20 03:16:14

I promise :(

Desyre responds:

Haha nice... :) Actually Envy's next project is finishing Star Crossed soo... either I'll post the fll version unfinished... or he'll get on my site and post the other one without me knowing... lol


2008-09-20 04:35:34

Oh come on. I said if somebody didn't like it it was their loss...that's close enough to a promise, right? Right?! Well...I promise anyway... I just wanna hear it. T.T;;

Also: @Envy: Thanks for the comment. ^.^ And I <3 your music too, just so you know.

Desyre responds:

Everyone likes to talk to my boyfriend on my comment wall... o.O Not sure how I feel about that... :/


2008-09-20 15:29:05

Hey hey heyyyyy why ya changed ya picture? i love seeing your smiling face when i come on your profile! (lol watch Envy get all moody at my comment, even though he loves me!)

Desyre responds:

Haha... um... I'd change it... but he'd probably get a little angry... :/
Plus... I like this picture :)


2008-09-20 23:09:59

I talked to you first...I just figured that since I was already typing a comment and Envy stops by here every so often that I might as well just thank him for his comment on my profile. ^.^;;

Desyre responds:

nah it's ok... :D


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