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Full Version?

2008-08-23 12:42:00 by Desyre

So... the full version is complete... but it is not a FINAL version so it will not be released YET.... BUUUUUUUT hopefully I will be able to work on it early next week :)

So keep checking back...

I'm sorry for the delay :/


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2008-08-23 15:10:21

No sorry needed Since Like me I would rather you take you time and it be good then go fast and it suck... So Take your time! but it better be good lol JK.

Have A great Day!

XenoxX :)

Desyre responds:

Thank you for understanding :)


2008-08-23 17:26:42

yeah! Can't wait for it ;D

Desyre responds:

Haha... :)


2008-08-23 17:34:34



2008-08-23 20:46:28

HAHA lol!!!


2008-08-24 09:54:09

Cmon Envy you know i love you too! *huuuug* ha ha

i just.. love... HHHHUUGGGGGGGIINGGGG!!! lol


2008-08-24 11:50:48

No problem, No problem.

Like I said, take your time.



2008-08-24 20:55:59

Arkz does this mean your one of those people who stand out side with the "Free Hug" signs???


2008-08-25 09:06:50

I dont wear the sign i just go asking for hugs ha ha, i only do it on special occasions tho like bonfire night (a thing we have in uk every 5th of november)

its great no? im insecure and depressed so hugging strangers makes me feel a bit better lol

Desyre responds:

OH... how nice lol :)


2008-08-25 11:14:56

Ugh...I just can't wait for the full version!!!

Your songs + MP3 = Win =D

Desyre responds:

lol YAY! :)


2008-08-26 15:45:57

Aw come on! Just post the unfinished version and let us know it's not yet done!

Desyre responds:

I would... if I had it... but Envy has it... :/


2008-08-26 15:47:30

Also, I will give hugs to every one who replied here, because who doesn't like hugs??
.. Satan, that's who! And nobody likes Satan! So yeah!


2008-08-27 00:54:15

I find it ironic that your boyfriend is full of envy and that you are full of desire.

Desire and envy, what a lovely coincidence!

Desyre responds:

It was meant that way... lol


2008-08-27 12:07:17

keep up the good work! I hope it's finished soon. while i wait, I'm gonna make my video game characters dance to the demo!

Desyre responds:

lol sounds like fun :)


2008-09-01 18:21:18

i haven't listened to the demo in over 18 hours... im having withdrawal symptoms!! i even took the time writing Envy a nice little message about how he got a few notes wrong on is Chaoz Fantasy remix... lol... Ooooo boy i need to get out.. but my sleep is upside down, waking at 8 in the evening when its already dark out kinda sucks, id go on me bike but there's weirdo's around once it gets dark lol, progressed any more with the song?

Desyre responds:

Yeah... it's being mixed and I'm hoping will be finished before I leave for college...


2008-09-03 23:16:34

whoa hottie in the audio section!!!

Desyre responds:

UH... thanks? lol


2008-09-04 00:58:26

AHHH!! OH MY GOD!!!!! "I'm sorry for the delay :/" WHATEVER!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!! EVERYDAY I GET ON NEWGROUNDS *starts crying* JUST TO SEE IF YOU HAVE THE FULL VERSION! *cries some more"

Desyre responds:

aww... I'm sorry... it's getting real close I think. I'll try to get it out for you :D


2008-09-07 14:51:04

Omg omg I can't wait...

Desyre responds:

lol... don't get too excited... :/


2008-09-09 12:17:24

Eagerly awaiting this. ^.^ I'm so looking forward to hearing the full version. As was said before, take your time and make it as good as you possibly can. That'll make it all the better when you finally release it.

Desyre responds:

Thank you :D


2008-09-10 15:03:26

thx for speeding it up envy...
getting crazy here... i check at least 2 times a day (no joking)
and still it isnt the "FINAL" version
if i were told a deadline i wich it would realy bne finisched i would check zo much on the hope its finaly there
you know what... ill stop checking a whole week... i hope its out then
good luck you two!!! but dont rush it...

im sorry that i cant wait...
but i realy want to add some new songs on my ipod
its getting boring listening on it

Desyre responds:

I'm sorry just between getting ready for college and everything else that was going on I didn't have time to work on it! :(

And yes.. thanks dearie for finishing it...


2008-09-11 13:50:48

Hopefully it will come soon. I loved the demo. Can't wait.

Desyre responds:

Thank you :)


2008-09-15 20:44:42

Sorry, but hav'nt you had enough time yet? what's left to be done?

Desyre responds:

It's on Envy's computer... and I'm in a different state at the moment at college... thus it's up to him to give it to me when HE has finished it... sorry :(


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