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2008-08-19 15:50:40 by Desyre

Well... the release date for Star Crossed Full Version should be sometime (at the soonest) this week!

I cannot guarentee ANYTHING, but hopefully it will be finished by the end of this week :D

Thank you for being patient :)


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2008-08-19 17:27:19

Take your time :]

If the song is rushed, it wont be too good will it?

But if you think you can pull it off by the end of this week its your call.

Anyways, the demo was great so I'm really looking forward to the complete
version :D

Desyre responds:

Thank you :D


2008-08-19 18:40:56


Desyre responds:

I may have to tell envy about this o.O lol... just kidding :D


2008-08-20 09:21:29

Can't wait to hear it ;D

Desyre responds:

Thank you :D :D :D


2008-08-20 11:42:34

Aah I just can't wait to download it for my MP3 =D

Desyre responds:

:) yay!


2008-08-20 16:17:36

*hugs Envy* Fwahaha! now I expect hugs back from you two ya know.. this aint a one way thing! *waits with arms open* :D

(Updated ) Desyre responds:


(aside to envy) don't get mad at me dear....


2008-08-23 03:42:34

Excited! Cause I am lol.

Desyre responds:

LOL... yay :)